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Si Enwei, Cisco and extensive are amounted to roll out first intelligence of Asi
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Yesterday, by Si Enwei of expert of automation of world well-known building (company of Cisco of supplier of CNA) group, Internet solution and provider of solution of network electrical wiring float first intelligence of Asian that amounts to a company to be rolled out together builds ” of heaven and earth of number of experience center ——“ to be in Qingdao is formal open is mysterious. ” of heaven and earth of this “ number passes imitate all sorts of environments, concentration reveals intelligent system to wait for the application in the environment in boarding house of office building, house, property, the intelligence that is future builds be pregnant with excellent conception and concept.

Intelligent building solution is in through controlling many constructions systematic conformity a network, can help estate development business and controller reduce cost and create new benefit. Si Enwei's president holds presiding apparitor Weng Liang concurrently to send yesterday begin ceremonially expresses, will different system conformity becomes a platform is a complex project, need cooperates to just can create a solution that can handle jointly in tandem with all possible means. The extensive of have the aid of of ” of “ number heaven and earth that rolls out this is amounted to and the advanced technique of the company such as Cisco rises these crucial link conformity, reveal piece compositive the network after builds the dominant position in development in next generation.

The construction of ” of “ number heaven and earth is to be based on Cisco intelligence community (over the framework of CRE) solution. Di Liangchao of vice president of Cisco China division tells a reporter, cisco CRE is one can provide security, can extend and the network agreement of the system that can operate jointly (IP) platform, it can realize unified communication way in whole industry interior. The IP platform of ” of “ number heaven and earth can is opposite conference of phone of the join of high speed Internet inside whole structure, IP, video, and wireless service provides wide support.

In addition, the structured wiring that ” of “ number heaven and earth still revealed extensive to amount to a company to offer and hypostatic couplet net solution. Plan realized a building to expand compositively further: Its way is IP network limits expands all equipment inside the enterprise, a lot of application such as management of discrepancy of space of the video monitoring in including system of hypostatic security personnel, floor and fire alarm.

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