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Enter wiring to experience a period
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Experience times!

This just consumes electronic product manufacturer to call the catchword that go out it seems that. As the network rock-bottom backbone transmits platform, the user feels the presence that is less than wiring system almost when use network, the rate that they just carry a network silently forever and connect.

So how to learn wiring system?

Actually, regard future as 20 years the basic safeguard that the network transmits, wiring system is wire cable not just so simple. What the user needs when selecting wiring system is one pair can see through future 20 years what IT develops is a mind which perceives both past and future. For this, a lot of manufacturers move toward front from tiring-room, offer plan product not only, still loading help user to have an insight into the ability of IT future. For example, molex will throw the new form that gives advisory form, such, what the user experiences is the application after wiring system builds is experienced not only, still will from choice, construction, use the whole process that waits for system of wiring of the experience on each link. Be in especially executive link, the circumstance of ” of “ laborer wiring still happens constantly, the manufacturer should groom not only installation business, groom even user.

Was after wiring system builds, enjoyed simply?

It is especially among the computer room, these wiring systems still need a basis to upgrade and be adjusted of the increase and decrease of personnel, equipment ceaselessly, wiring management system of intelligence also emerge as the times require. It is had not only connect real time to monitor a function, can monitor and manage all complete information that understand link, and the place that can know port to its is done decide definitely, increase to systematic port, move and change real time long-range monitoring, improved the experience of the user greatly. Electron of division of such as peaceful installs Systimax of general wiring, Simon, Belden CDT, Kang Pu, Molex to waited to roll out intelligent wiring system, space of floor of intelligence of day of domestic manufacturer general also rolled out this kind of product. In addition, kang Pu SYSIMAX Solutions demonstrates a center to also began formally recently in the Chinese division product of Shanghai, can make an user true experience the change that the system brings all sorts of wiring.

How to measure in the round?

The user realises, want to measure the value of manufacturer of a wiring in the round in this individual test period. When should select a wiring firm, one of the biggest difficult problem are to should make clear Hunan concerns his level of the test report of the product, support and assure statement what to mean to the user. Without doubt, the quality of wiring product is the mainest factor that maintains a network to move smoothly. But if installation is incorrect, the quality of final wiring system also can drop quickly. To assure to install wiring system correctly, the manufacturer offers groom the consideration factor with also become a when select main, will appear otherwise gross error.
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