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Take you to experience all sorts of network equipment of professional computer r
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The construction of the network cannot leave a computer room, on one hand the computer room provided a network gather together, the commutative way that adopts core layer nods the information of 100 thousand disperse join by equipment to a; the server with medium on the other hand computer room was enterprise interior to provide all sorts of necessary services, WWW server, MAIL server, database server all is placed etc in the computer room.

How are server and core trade logic placed by equipment? Buy a table to place above? If be a two word,can search ventilated medicinal powder the place with convenient heat, but if be ten words that are a few equipment even, the safety that how assures these equipment and move normally? —— this uses machine ark with respect to need, namely the leading role that I should introduce in detail for everybody today.

Little hint:

What profit does machine ark have? The orderly code in be like article to want to put a case is put and lock is custodial and same, commutative equipment also should put server and core to store technically the management with the more active ability in medium they. Machine ark is this action, he is OK the managing space of utmost, the most effective assurance the server moves normally with what exchange equipment, supply equipment best medicinal powder hot sex. In because the equipment of professional corporation is,putting machine cabinet, undertake administrative.

Have to let a reader probably camera of impressional author use number filmed the image in be in company center computer room.

The first:  of act of  leg travel relies on tip key to blow admire of bald Song of Jie of Jin of  of Mu of instrument of put down  to change reed uncut jade to pay Mu of buccal  Yun buttock of Yao of  of  of school of Duo of the fat  that confuse joke し of breed of  of right lie of Da of grave of  of Yi Jian <  teachs Xiao witch. (If pursue 1)

Graph 1

The 2nd: Dark blue of haze of a small case of school of  of Luo Niu of Xing Huan of Shan of  of angry of Song of ジ Wo  makes post perch smooth with a rake to chop road of teach of uncut jade of orangutan of Duo of  of せ of V of  of Ao of Sun of  of ü of Yun of tip of Zhuo Zhu  to step on  lotus root of 4 ignoranting  small-moutheds jar tip key blows any of several hot spice plants  )

Graph 2

The 3rd:

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