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The wiring that install general enables Asia-Pacific area client to groom demons
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On July 26, 2007, as many present honored guest completes ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony jointly, company of peaceful division electron announces, its establish the client of area of Asia-Pacific of the wiring that install general at Beijing agency to groom demonstrate a center to be enabled formally. Peaceful division electron installs vice-president of general wiring whole world Mr Stephen Mitchell, Anpubu Mr Li Qizhi attended chief inspector of business of line Asia-Pacific division to enable a ceremony. In the meantime, intelligence of ministry of professor of college of secretary-general of association of Chinese reconnaissance design Mr Qi Jilu, Tsinghua, construction changes Zhang Gongzhong of committee member of technologist council vice director professor, and many industries are famous media is present also congratulate a center enable, it is jointly enable ceremonial cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.

Client of the wiring that install general grooms the attestation installing general that demonstrates a center to will be the user that comes from chinese mainland and area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan technically offer major grooms reach Anpuzhi to wiring management system is installed and can be used groom. Installing general attestation to groom is Anpubu the wiring system major that the line offers for global user grooms, it is understanding wiring practical skill and industry are newest the window of product and technical information. The attestation that install general grooms by a definite date 5 days, cent checks to detect with breakdown for attestation of systematic setup, system design 3 course with the system, every course issues letter respectively. In the meantime, the development state of affairs that still can introduce technology of current and integrated wiring for student and the newest product of the wiring that install general. System of wiring of the intelligence that install general is installed and use groom information of technology of the principle that will introduce intelligent wiring to run a system in detail for student, product, use and install means to wait. In the meantime, attend groomed student to offer an intelligent wiring that can operate actually to manage systematic environment for every, make student can more more intuitionistic, true start work the intelligence that learns wiring system turns management.

In the meantime, the product system that the center still innovates the wiring that install general and technology reveal more users in the round. The center will be revealed include wiring of intelligence of the wiring that install general to manage system, Anpubu the wiring of the system of data center wiring that system of wiring of cable of system of wiring of cable of 7 kinds of copper, ten thousand copper, high density spends the line, industrial aether net that is used at harsh environment system.
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