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"Surmount wiring, establish perfect network "----Extensive amounts to Chinese cl
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(on October 19, 2006, shanghai dispatch) the network with banner whole world and extensive of United States of electric solution supplier amount to company China company, the “ client that Shanghai Home Xu that announces in Shanghai its are located in headquarters of big China division today collects harbor to collect square experiences central ” (CBC) grand opening. It is reported, network wiring industry popularizes a client the first times to experience a center extensive is amounted to inside global limits, already established this center in the United States, Japan and China in succession.

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Opening cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony

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Extensive amounts to a client to experience scene of central press conference

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Extensive amounts to Robert of Asia-Pacific division general manager

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Extensive amounts to Yan Shumin of Chinese division general manager

This, extensive amounts to Robert Kleischmidt of Asia-Pacific division general manager, extensive to amount to development of Asia-Pacific division business and CTO Andrew Thomson and extensive to amount to the whole world to sell Matthew Hagemann of department inspector general to part to come from afar from Singapore and United States, attend Chinese CBC opening ceremony. “ China all along is extensive amounts to one of markets that value most. We are in establish a plant without stannum, offer the product of high quality for Chinese client with the most reasonable price; Outside Shanghai Gao Qiao opens the warehouse that keep tax, assure the most seasonable delivery; The sale headquarters change that returns area of will big China comes Shanghai, the demand that answers a client for a short while. ”Robert Kleischmidt thinks of CBC established body to show extensive to amount to consistent since take the height of Chinese market seriously, abundant to general manager of big China division tree civilian conveyed congratulation.

“ floats amounting to is a supplier of pure network wiring product not just, more important is, we still are offerred for the client all sorts of can manage, the physical layer that has efficient operation property solution, establish solid and perfect network foundation framework. ” extensive amounts to general manager of big China division to abundant tree civilian is on CBC opening celebration without preamble, emphasized extensive amounting to the fixed position in industry. “‘ 9 stage, ’ of result earth soil. Build a perfect network foundation framework that can manage, develop the latest technology that conduces to network application layer the biggest effectiveness, reduce a network to defend charge and time. ” his Yi Tan bear, this establish Chinese client to experience a center, meaning in mix through true, figure reveal racily, let more industry public figure experience extensive amounts to solution of unapproachable network foundation framework, arouse people to reach administrative attention to construction of network physics layer thereby.
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