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Ceng Songming recalls wiring again
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Be in China, integrated wiring is intelligence in the building most develop first rise, up to now it still is in smooth, the phase of benign development. The thing that perhaps sees is much, memory also with respect to coma, what thinking not to rise is an important matter, also be indifferent to wonderful. Here, promote a few trifling petty thing:

1, 1996, once Party A put forward a project to ask to me: The requirement of double skeining thread of backside of “ machine ark is all and parallel, do not allow alternate ” . I agreed at that time, the settlement that has done not have however in the heart method: Will double skeining thread is outward after termination ends in, be orderly inside natural machine ark, ” of “ posse random hemp can be become outside machine ark, because line of the manage below premise is secured in two end, necessarily one is in be chaos. But from ark of machine of machine ark extroversion inside in, check again next, how to solve test failure to want the issue of new termination again? In how solving a project cannot the problem of get sth done without any letup? How to solve the problem with the not same radius of inside and outside of curved horn? The time that how expends manage line place falls to lowest? Through the reflection of a many month, be in eventually theoretic solved these problems, the summary that passes a year together with construction personnel is good accumulate, finished technology of line of complete set manage finally. In the wiring project 1997, these technologies had been construction personnel to master in the round, made project received 2 opinions in the person of the same trade, one of, the competitor tells Party A: We do not do such “ wiring to give ” ; Secondly: The person of the same trade complains to total package: “ is necessary to manage so beautifully ” . In project of finishing 1999 a wiring, group of Party A project filmed inside the computer room those manage inside machine ark backside, perpendicular chamfer get picture of shipshape double skeining thread, report director leader as outstanding achievement. Till 2004, just know when the colleague chat with the past, those those project managers at that time, construction personnel still are using this to cover construction technology. Last year, I had made public this craft, become " see wiring from project trade angle " (already completed 130 thousand word up to now) a medium. 2 , in the project project of a subcontract 1997, invite public bidding just gives me detailed account of a total configuration, but cannot change it into detailed list of as corresponding as each floor floor construction material. At this moment, I am thinking, while how is ability finishing total configuration detailed account is the construction material detailed account that construction tell sb one's real intentions uses also won? How does ability span 3 years in a project and every time understands after bidding 6 times bid the design at that time changes conception, fish? When how is ability changing an information in certain office nod obtain complete set quickly to configure detailed list and total quoted price? How does ability make a structure quickly group in the configuration detailed list of each building? Treat the form of configuration detailed list that sees in the industry at that time again with such idea, always feel some dissatisfaction are sufficient, examine wiring to design software to also feel in cannot satisfying a project all sorts of changing model, this makes me ponder over the form of configuration detailed list that myself uses afresh. Thought 1998 eventually end, in negotiating with the business affairs of Party A, party A put forward structure of few points wiring to go up temporarily modification requirement, my general manager newspaper by a few minutes of introversion gave project total prices and gross profit data, and because I am nominal project manager, offerred the construction material detailed account of each floor to spot project manager. 2001, in a wiring design of 45000 bits, it helps wiring bid the group is in weak point the configuration that wiring material finished inside a few days, quote and construction blueprint. In a few years that when be engaged in intelligence building overall design and management in me, this design method deploys all sorts of intelligence systems the method to be able to unite, to bidding, deepened design and construction to bring convenient. 3 , in wiring project, project group staff often is compressed lowest. But the wiring project that I held the position of project manager by me 1997, still provided manager of a storehouse designedly. This storehouse administrator that comes from telegraphic company brings me a lot of surprises: Before wearing a line everyday, he can look at blueprint, wear what string group has a choice to distribute the short line that leave a few days ago to every according to wearing line section, supplying the double skeining thread of entire case next, make every box line medium the odd thrum that is less than 10 meters finally only; Before layout wears termination, he can wear a layout each medium component basises the time of construction paragraph apart, let termination personnel get again next with, the wiring component that avoided building site to go up is missing; Before layout wears manage line, the organic glass label that he can wear layout has installed the tagboard that printing line name inside casing, spot of staff of string allowing run checks line date, lest make mistake,cause large area do poorly done work over again; Keep in storehouse, he can ask the use date of all sorts of wiring material, of the accident according to procurement cycle and company purchase personnel connection, ensure wiring material can arrive at that small storehouse …… on building site on time. Need not imagine can know, I hold the position of such project manager is how relaxed! Raise more so a person whether deficit? Company boss still does not have in the project finishing had told me: Whole project not only gain, and profit specified number is very large! Regrettablly ah, leave that company as me, also cannot contact this storehouse manager that fulfil one's duty again.
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