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Advocate to be industry of competence boat wiring with the person -- Kang Pu spe
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Editor's note: After interviewing an end, speak of successful experience of the individual, yellow always very modest. Autochthonal not the Chinese with long earth has today's result is pride letting a person. From yellow the “ fortune ” that we can see an entrepreneur place is had on total body. We hope Kang Pu can roll out high speed in the years henceforth heartily and the wiring product that has more superior quality, technology and can more the integral application solution that accords with industry need. And be changed through realizing comprehensive mainland, will get the development state of market of corresponding China wiring weller, more effectively. [Summary]Classics of all previous of American Kang Pu SYSTIMAX Solutions go to a few companies of Kang Pu to be bought from AT&T, bright dispatch, AVAYA, still carrying the technology in wiring domain banner sex, it is the integrated wiring firm with the biggest whole world, be in China is acknowledge is spent more highest most as extensive as application wiring brand. Today us (Silicon Valley motivation) favour covered big China of American Kang Pu and Korea division general manager gentleman of Yellow Sea billows. (the following abbreviation is yellow always)
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