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Advocate to be industry of competence boat wiring with the person -- Kang Pu spe
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2. Kang Pu today is the ” of “ big boss inside the industry. He is the first wiring manufacturer that is in China, also be truly exclusive can offer end to arrive the manufacturer that carries a solution.

3. All-around the service of unifinication. All wiring product offers money cycle of executive plan of seasonable, site, project is shorter, and firm commitment, successful example project, won very good public praise inside course of study.

4. Kang Pu regards an industry as the famous manufacturer inside, the agent that its cooperate, compositive business also is in the count as one of the best inside course of study, “ of it may be said is strong strong together ” .

   It is with the person this

See today Kang Pu's success, what is what I think everybody can ask them the success leans? With fizzling out is ” of person of “ of a word for total word.

1 . We have “ a stable group, a lot of people are serving for SYSTIMAX, the longest serve time amounts to 7 years.

2. “ basis requires the analysis that sum grows to the market, we do a company 5 years to develop long-term program, cooperating annual market to analyse a report at the same time, take near future program and couple of long-dated target photograph. ”

3. The agent of “ our collaboration, compositive business also is to be count as one of the best is in inside course of study. ”
4. “SYSTIMAX Solutions has the long history that produces innovation wiring product, constant ground offers the most advanced solution for the enterprise. ”

The understanding that from these I think to everybody should be clear about goes to a successful company is forever it is with the person this, market of base oneself upon.

   Kang Pu the road of 2005

Make one's rounds of city of whole nation of GigaSPEED X10D of round of ten thousand product exhibits the Kangpudi 2005 to end already satisfactorily, next August will be the 2nd round make one's rounds is exhibited.

IPatch intelligence wiring runs a system

The Kang Pujie in the half an year that already spent signs up for frequency to pass, beijing capital airport, medium sea oil, the Ministry of Public Security waits project of project of mark sex system a moment to be won out finally by health general. There is no lack of among them new product new application. Newest the Shenzhen UniCom new building that win the bid is large project, it is home the biggest IPatch intelligence wiring runs systematic application. Meanwhile the wireless product of Kang Pu, fiber-optic product that applies to large data center and bank, and should other wiring equipment also will be in the Kang Pu of client demand 2005 second half of the year and everybody meet.
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