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Advocate to be industry of competence boat wiring with the person -- Kang Pu spe
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Classics of all previous of American Kang Pu SYSTIMAX Solutions go to a few companies of Kang Pu to be bought from AT&T, bright dispatch, AVAYA, still carrying the technology in wiring domain banner sex, it is the integrated wiring firm with the biggest whole world, be in China is acknowledge is spent more highest most as extensive as application wiring brand. Today us (Silicon Valley motivation) favour covered big China of American Kang Pu and Korea division general manager gentleman of Yellow Sea billows. (the following abbreviation is yellow always)

  Speed application is crucial

The first time see yellow always, the feeling is very friendly, chat in the center confirmed this adequately also. In speak of when wiring application will develop tendency henceforth, fizzle out to always think, in the network environment that develops in nowadays high speed, everything is developing quickly, new application emerges in endlessly. As wiring manufacturer we always satisfy applied requirement of the client ceaselessly, and basically be to solve rate problem among this demand, what the client can ask is taller and taller, they had not satisfied existing speed, the applied demand that so the direction of a development of wiring industry will increase increasingly with how satisfying a client henceforth is dominant, it will be how-to at the same time wiring manufacturer people develop way.

Wiring itself also is in the exercise process of incline to simplification, arrive from former copper cash present fiber-optic, keep apart to one word from crossed segregation, change wiring system to change wiring system to intelligence from the tradition, wiring will jump over simplification to be able to accord with the client's requirement more henceforth. Because simplification place is brought, is construction cycle shorten and on project cost economic. What also everybody expects this.

Present enterprise still is for the most part with wired give priority to, wireless for complementary. Wireless after all safe problem is mixed to large company governmental orgnaization is crucial. The promotion of its speed is slower at the same time, also restricted its to develop greatly, a few application can receive on can outer net only.

   Competition nowhere does not rely on real actual strength in us

Kang Pu as be in China one of the earliest wiring manufacturer, the company solution of the technology that he has, product and a complete set of in industry I think everybody is to know. Successful example project also is countless. In speak of with the advantage that when competing between other firm, system of Kang Pu place reveals, in yellow we saw a kind of proud bearing on total face. Because,that is:

The technologist of 1 .SYSTIMAX lab is very much come from “ Bell lab ” . Personnel is the tip inside the industry, the technology of its research and development also is the most advanced. Besides the formulate that takes an active part in all sorts of standards, technologists often still communicate with the client directly, make laboratory technique can smoothly translate into applies actually.
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