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Put flying dream dance music of integrated wiring youth -- Simon special intervi
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“ from prepare, carry out classics of prize-giving all previous 5 months, this is the United States what teach a trade in China is cheat to weigh big move again on the west. Meng Congjin enters the United States on the west there is good cooperation to concern with educational industry all the time since China, teach an orgnaization to provide a service for numerous home early or late, got accord reputably. Simon will continue to hold an undergraduate to call for paper henceforth agonistic activity, the hope can offer the opportunity of practice to more students, also give professional integrated wiring talented person to can be fostered better at the same time, in order to promote the development of industry of our country wiring. ”

   Silicon Valley motivation: Was about to enter end 2005, as the whole world manufacturer of famous and integrated wiring you how the integrated wiring tendency of the market of look upon whole world and China? And how is unconscious company to face vicissitude of the market on the west?

   Feng Zong: Unconscious whole world sells increase rate on the west 20% , asia-Pacific area sells increase rate to be as high as 30% , these data enough explain 2005 to a year growth is for Simon. Grow, we are about to analyse the tendency of the market this year.

Above all, compare with photograph of in former years, raw material rises somewhat on the price this year, face a such challenges, of the price rise hard to avoid brought difficulty to Simon's sale, but the product sale that from another flank it also drove Simon. The performance that the price rose virtually to improve pair of products asks and ask to the quality of the project, also be opposite at the same time the requirement of market channel is more strict, make the manufacturer of a few frame-up compasses cans not move a step thereby, increased market space, simon's sale channel also widens subsequently. Next, market demand appears to be begged for be more than, had had the space that numerous enterprise saw integrated wiring market is infinite, throw in succession. While such competition is intense, simon insists to be located in high-end product surely, also do not have retail channel external till today. This is carried in government, finance, medical treatment, traffic and can see in the service of the industry such as education. Finally, because economy of integrated wiring industry is in the whole world,improve, of domestic relevant policy come on stage and of wiring standard make, offerred a condition to Simon gets used to 2005 vicissitude of the market very well, make Simon improved market beneficial result further. ”

   Silicon Valley motivation: Simon reached future to look into 2006

  Feng Zong: The road that Simon still will be development with brand of wiring high end henceforth was reached 2006, offer what ’ of the greatest value comes to directive and whole company to run for the user with ‘ . Meng Chengnuo will continue to bring more to be mixed advancedly for Chinese broad user on the west the product that gets used to Chinese market, make sure Chinese broad user enjoys Simon's most excellent service. Next year Simon can conduct such agonistic activity as before, can more appearance changes the form, cheat in order to let more clients' real knowledge on the west, let more people join integrated wiring industry.
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