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Manufacturer of component of the biggest passive electron, special interview of
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The wiring system that supports 10GBase-T application becomes the heat this year. The complete comprehensive solution that the net of aether of overall support 10G that company of peaceful division electron rolls out this year applies satisfied an user to be opposite high-powered requirement. This are integrated the solution has included Chan Moguang fine, much model is fiber-optic (XG is fiber-optic wiring system) , system of wiring of screen copper cable (system of wiring of XG copper cable) the cable of blame screen copper that rolls out with the beginning of the year wiring system (system of wiring of cable of XG UTP copper) , the requirement that the user can not develop according to be being mixed now and cost ask to choose neatly. The network runs a side, company of peaceful division electron rolls out AMPTRAC intelligence to run a system, aim to improve the level of management of wiring system, make wiring system government more orderly, guide the market to develop to the direction of intelligent management. If the wiring management pattern previously is handwritten form of label, electron dogs and traditional administrative software, cannot reflect the real change of wiring system thoroughly. AMPTRAC can provide all-time and efficient information and function for infrastructure management, all information are automatic update with real time, systematic information is very accordingly reliable. Company of peaceful division electron has obtained project of multinomial AMPTRAC system to be carried out successfully, believe intelligent management system will get an user stage by stage in China 2005 approbate and apply. Be aimed at all sorts of different application environments, each manufacturer also was rolled out have solution of system of wiring of specific aim ground. Be aimed at data center, peaceful division electron is rolled out those who own patent is modular solution MRJ21 high density spends cupreous cable system and 1U can join 72 fiber-optic high density spend MPO at most fiber-optic link system; To harsh industrial environment, peaceful division electron installs system of general EtherSeal wiring to had been used by many projects place; And to a few crucial branches, the branch with extremely high demand of the safety that waits for pair of data like government, finance, negotiable securities, nuclear energy and martial application, dependability, screen wiring system is the solution of first selection.

   Prospective market plans

Neville Lai: “ this year we besides 6 kinds when continue to popularize us, outside system of ten thousand wiring, still rolled out a few products that are aimed at more advanced application and special industry to receive success application first in Chinese market. Opposite before, chinese user tries new product and technology more actively, show strong interest. To company of peaceful division electron, this is a very good opportunity. We value Chinese market very much, in home many cities set branch to reach tens of home plants, still built the whole world in Shanghai this year at the same time center of the 3rd research and development. Henceforth, we will have specific aim ground to roll out the solution that applies to disparate industry more, bring newer better new product, new technology to China, use actual strength of our powerful research and development, offer more outstanding product for the user. ”
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