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The manufacturer of product of communication equipment brim -- vessel annals spe
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Henceforth, vessel records company will still reach competitive dominant position according to his characteristic, use inferior carry to make cost, make a system compositive business, can get vessel records company's sufficient, overall support, seek progress jointly in the market. Each district adopts sole agent system, the place of urgent agency is urgent, offer have do not support a measure at the market of other and Euramerican brand, include the overall channel support such as policy, technology, market, associated system is compositive business at an organic whole, popularize vessel annals brand jointly, provide the service of high quality, low price for the user, obtain manufacturer and cooperation square common interest. The subentry in capturing, aim at major project, satisfy masses requirement, advocate promote product of forward position technology, it is dominant with market demand, utmost ground creates the profit vacuum of agency, user. ”

   Company brief introduction

Inc. of vessel annals electron (DINTEK) virgin 1990, headquarters is set in Taiwan, already established Europe and Korea branch up to now, entered chinese mainland market 1995, establish company of Beijing vessel records. Regard communication equipment brim as the manufacturer of the product, its major servicing is the development design of connector, production production. As company actual strength abundant, scope of operations already expanded to the high-tech domain such as system of layout of network of telegraphic, computer, not only product line is complete, and can ceaseless roll out revolutionary new product, in order to enjoy broad client.

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