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The manufacturer of product of communication equipment brim -- vessel annals spe
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Look into the Chinese wiring market 2006, we experience good luck and challenge deep-feltly to be in together, test of different common ground wears this kind of challenge general the practitioner of all wiring industry. Only from create more value for the user this one guidelines sets out, we just can grasp opportunity truly, successfully conquer is challenged. ”
Silicon Valley motivation is integrated wiring channel: 6 kinds of mainstreams that are this year, so is the product trend henceforth how?

Sun Zong says: We know “ , no matter what you install is to exceed 5 kinds still are 6 kinds of systems, they are OK and flowing the ground along 10M/100M/1000M aether net upgrade between the system. But at the same time, 6 existent kinds are mixed exceed 5 kinds of systems not to suit to be used at 10G again network of ten thousand aether is transmitted. That is to say, in exceed 5 kinds, network of ten thousand aether transmits the chasm – that there is a impassable between 6 kinds of existent systems and 7 kinds of systems ability. But the fact is, 6 kinds of all systems that had installed can do the business like exceeding 5 kinds of systems only actually, that transmits the biggest 1Gb namely namely the aether network of thousand bandwidth, cannot bigger. Those recently just invest in the user of 6 kinds of systems is a bad news absolutely; And those insist to exceed 5 kinds of solutions flat perhaps investment is highest the client of 7 kinds of systems of end is more favored, former although also cannot run network of ten thousand aether, but at least saved investment, and latter criterion one pace reachs the designated position, the system that its install can support network of ten thousand aether absolutely.
We can be forecasted, everybody will or transfer early or late network of ten thousand aether, no matter what he installs so is to exceed 5 kinds of systems or 6 kinds of systems. New solution will inevitable popularity: Not be to increase model ten thousand kinds of system, it is 7 kinds of systems. ”

Silicon Valley motivation is integrated wiring channel: You did market movement do a circumstance to reach 2005 will the market plan henceforth?

“2005 year, vessel annals still holds to consistent “ to work first not the style of make public ” , by right of the product extremely high gender price is compared and larger channel profit space, establish partner relationship with agency of a few regional, compositive business, tackle a project effectively, extend vessel annals product to final user market. If say before 10 years the hatch that the market is vessel annals development implement, so the market of vessel annals is politic now an accelerator that it may be said is vessel annals development. It is a foundation with the product, satisfy a variety of requirement of wiring market adequately, adjust product structure, offer 5 kinds, exceed 5 kinds, system of wiring of 6 kinds of structuralization, fiber-optic network system reachs all sorts of wiring tools and instrument. Build system of the technology that conforms with Euramerican technology standard, quality, service. Form ” of “ interest community, it is the fundamental pattern that vessel annals channel builds.
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