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Technical research and development is a key -- vice-president of electron of the
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About Chinese market promotion, alan speaks of, “ our intelligent wiring system, data center and net of ten thousand aether solution, it is to involve a lot of sophisticated technologies, need follows the communication with direct user, the product popularizes lay particular stress on to open a seminar at be in each place. Before Chinese market is the channel that carries us mostly the representative undertakes selling, but our salesperson can be popularized this year personally there the client, our technical personnel also can undertake with the client face-to-face communication. Can offer special solution in the light of the industry such as finance, medical treatment. ”

International of division of the peaceful before a many month undertook tearing apart, alan expresses, “ does not have any influences to wiring business. ” a few years ago, peaceful division electron undertook a lot of buy, promoted outstanding achievement quickly. Rise a focal point to prospective outstanding achievement, mr Alan thinks, “ key puts new product of interiorly research and development, do not eliminate to still can have and buy the activity of the respect. ”

The Alan that having rich management experience hopes to create equal, open work environment to employee, his administrative principle is trustful subordinate, power transfer to a lower level. Alan once had worked in North America, Europe, he thinks culture setting of the Asia and Euramerican have very big distinction, at the same time Asian market also is the area that has very large latent capacity, it is Euramerican the market that a lot of big companies contend for.

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