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Homebred high-quality goods calls the market environment of fair competition
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Card of home made product expects fair treatment and competition In interview, what is the biggest challenge that market of project of the high end in asking about when the reporter faces, summerly total a unit of weight replies forthwith, it is a client the distrust to card of home made product, and a batch of to card of home made product when the person of the same trade starts another batch attack, the group of day sea wiring, encounter this kind of problem everyday almost. He says, actually, high grade homebred brand passes old and indefatigable effort and market to examine, character is reliable, service it may not be a bad idea, but, as a result of historical origin, as a result of the deviation on idea and understanding, this kind of distrust appears confirmed, we not dare extravagant hopes is caressed, we expect fair treatment and competition. Day sea place encounters, it is the epitome of all nation brand. China for, the one side banner of our nation brand, since the day that grow, accomplish nowadays, year sell 20 billion U.S. dollor, but distrust is accompanying him forever, so successful enterprise even is such, it is thus clear that this kind of bias has many deep. In the meantime, he also appeals industry media, much conduct propaganda and the industrial product spending with gain ground healthy, normal are watched, do the mouthpiece of ethical brand; His then is elaborated, in every time trade promotion is met, we can extend investigation questionnaire, discover the user is on the consumption of the industrial product such as wiring, put in the error, put in the understanding that shoulds not to often manage. Their exorbitant emphasizes the commercial value of the brand, is not to consider sexual price to compare. He still expresses at the same time, industrial consumable is measureable, function should accord with certain level, purchase rely on parameter, standard, rely on what sexual price compares to measure, the service that is each brand answers the competition that supports time speed with the technology. Party A selects industrial product, should not pay attention to a brand overly. Indeed, social consumable, the mentally of average person, want to buy famous brand, buy a shoe to want to buy for instance be able to bear or endure gram, buy luxury, can bring psychology to satisfy, but, of industrial product purchase, should more performance that consider a product and service, at the same time the consideration saves expenditure for owner, brand excessive price should not become main factor. Of course, summer always also calm bear, this kind purchases the error of wiring product, remain with the promotion of card of home made product and character at farther promotion, relative also.

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