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Homebred high-quality goods calls the market environment of fair competition
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Since day sea by 2006, summerly Mr Zheng Qu begins general manager of department of day sea wiring establish group, high-key since appearing, be less than time of two years, the trademark of day sea wiring is well-known degree rise significantly, inside short time, from in the past silent and anonymous, to nowadays gain fame, in investigation of the media inside the industry, the trademark is well-known spend a rank to keep advanced 10 inside, can be the same as field athletics argue with international brand, created a miracle inside the industry;

Build a cent to sell channel construction quickly, it is day sea wiring the another miracle that creates inside the industry. Inside short time, they established the sale group of 20 many people, inside short time, with many 20 agency the autograph cooperates about, progress is rapid, built sale network pervades the whole nation, as far as northeast, be like Harbin, enclothe northwest, southwest and other places, if Chongqing is waited a moment. Add writes the brilliant canto since ethical brand hero Recently, in Shenzhen headquarters, summerly Zheng Qu is accepting general manager of department of day sea wiring when media of many famous industries is interviewed, express, day sea will increase brand construction as always, increase channel construction, executive talent strategy, draw more talented person, especially sale talented person joins in group of day sea wiring, of the homebred brand that will create brilliant undertake compose goes down. Main trend of market of Cheng Zhongduan of domestic famous brand Body part competition is intense the wiring industry that degree can calls the world the first place, ask about when the reporter of net of wiring of 10 thousand luck, when the observation to current competitive situation and view, summer always made following analysises: At present the development of wiring industry, look in me, can divide into 3 class, in pyramid apical, it is high-end market of course, at most Home 2-3, hold for foreign brand more, the user is purchased in finance, government centrally wait for an industry, they are wealthy clients, not be anxious for the budget, as a result of historical origin, this domain is in forestall it seems that competition, enclosed competitive condition, presenting the characteristic that come out is, product price is high, the cent of each brand sells business to be centered in specific industry and market, user more it is idolatrous or superstition abroad brand, responsible still of course the problem —— that take on is alleged to choosing for the policymaker the most well-known trademark, if character gives an issue, need not use bear too big responsibility. Next, it is medium high-end market, the scale of this market is larger, the client pays close attention to the price and brand, those who want is high sexual price is compared, each brand, not only be close friends than spelling a service, react quickly than going all out even ability; Competition is very intense, this market, domestic famous brand holds dominant position in certain industry, certain zone gradually, and this is planted the phenomenon is more and more apparent, to it contrary is, the vivosphere of brand of second line abroad drops, they can disappear even; 3 class market, belong to a few low end brand, the competition of this market is non-standard, the client is very sensitive to the price, but do not value to the brand, fake is more.
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