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Tiancheng awarded the title of 2010 Top Ten Cabling
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Shanghai Tiancheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. With a strong brand influence, excellent performance and good performance, the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, the China Exploration & Design Association, the National Working Group and cabling "IB intelligent building and city information," Journal of the selection of the joint assessment of community organizations, Tiancheng wiring awarded "2010 China Top Ten cabling brand". The poll gathered well-known all over the country and Design Institute, system integrators, the majority of medium and large professional institutions and other units, from brand awareness, product quality, price, location, marketing, engineering performance, service support, a number of indicators comprehensive reviews, and finally by the state working group of experts cabling and domestic intelligence in the construction industry judging panel composed of national experts to review, evaluation, the selection process fair, equitable, integrated wiring of domestic and foreign companies unanimously approved. December 7, 2010 the Chinese market "Ten cabling brand" awards ceremony was held in Beijing, as well as building automation, security, domestic intelligence, conference systems, the award of several large-scale systems. Ministry of Construction invited ceremony related to the leadership and industry leading experts to present and award winners. The event is not only a smart building industry's annual summary of the General Assembly, as well as a well-known enterprises to focus on Sword of the event, it is the elite gathering of industry. Only two companies arranged the meeting to speak, Tiancheng Communications is one of them. Yong Tiancheng total communications company, as representatives of domestic brands is as passionate speech made by the representatives to express the acceptance speech, but also Introducing the Tiancheng Group, also expressed the commitment of domestic wiring brand heroic cause of the motherland information and determination!
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