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China Consumer Association in Beijing issued "guidelines for home improvement
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Guided by the China Consumer Association Consumer Commission and the International Copper Association (China) jointly organized the "science of modern smart home wiring first" talk about the activities in the 17 November in Beijing. The General Assembly to the community The "Home Science wiring consumption guidelines." Guests the same appeal: We must actively draw attention to basic home wiring system, promote safety, environmental protection, convenience, comfort and sustainable household consumption, to ensure that consumers in the consumer Fees in the process of security, foster technological development first for the morality of consumer services. China Consumer Association, Consumer Guidance Committee in the International Copper Association (China) and other professional support of technical agencies launched "Home Science wiring consumer guide," encouraging enterprises to enhance their service concept home improvement industry, real Decoration applied science wiring; home basic wiring guide consumers attention, and promote harmonious housing consumption. The "Consumer Guide," the release of the Consumers Association organization to perform "to provide consumers with consumer information and advisory services" the first law Be an important means of functions, is the China Consumer Association to carry out consumer education and guidance work of the innovative model, reflecting the CASE organization carried out under the new economic situation, consumer rights efforts will not only focus on the handling of consumer complaints, but also Pay attention to guiding consumers to scientific and rational consumption. At the meeting, the International Copper Association (China) launched the "home-based routing solution" as the "Home Science wiring consumption guidelines," the reference text, from the consumer's immediate needs, design and construction for the proposed home improvement business A framework of recommendations focused on solving the wiring in the home improvement worry about the design and construction and material guidance, in particular that the design of electrical circuits, switches, socket, voice, Internet, television six areas should be considered the details of human nature; Provide consumers with a set of economic, practical and efficient indoor home wiring solutions, the protection of consumers to enjoy a safe and comfortable home environment, but also to meet the needs of future use. China Consumer Association Yanghong Can the Secretary-General stressed at the meeting, released "Home Science wiring Consumer Guide" focuses on the promotion, practice and implement practical actions to the CPC Central Committee, "boosting domestic demand, consumption, and benefit people's livelihood," the strategic plan . At the same time that the home improvement contract home improvement design and construction enterprises in the wiring project, to inform consumers of the science related to the strength of the laying of electricity lines, rational distribution, and other security elements, and effectively fulfill their obligation to inform and design The wiring scheme, the selection requirements, and construction technology, all integrated into the renovation contract, to avoid unnecessary consumption of disputes. Hope that concerns of the community consumer education and consumer guide for consumers to enjoy more and better Technological development results. The event is organized by the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Decoration Committee and co-host the Chinese consumer magazine. From the Ministry of Industry, SAIC, AQSIQ and China Science and Technology Association, China Standardization Association, the China Consumer Association, the International Copper Association (China), Renmin University of China and other units of the well-known home improvement experts and Beijing companies, Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., IDEAL Chinese companies on behalf of the Table and other hundred participants.
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