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Business carried on domestic wiring to catch up from the line to follow the deve
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October 11, 2010, China International Exhibition Center in Beijing China International Exhibition held a grand. Hanwei Enterprise Communications as the telecommunications industry, participated in this grand event and during the show launched a new products to cutting-edge technology continues to offer surprises for the telecommunications industry. Day, HC Security Network at the show site on Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhe Jiang Hanwei's radio and television and general manager of Northeast Operations, Miss Luo Yi, director of marketing for an exclusive interview.

It is understood that the Han-dimensional communication is a professional manufacturer of integrated wiring products are widely applied to the Telecom, Mobile, China Netcom, China Railcom and other broadband network project of which there are many success stories, you talk about the development of the current status of domestic wiring business?

Hanwei Roy, director of marketing communications: After ten years of technology accumulation and market development, domestic wiring from the past, mainly doing OEM business to do the processing to now focus on technology to create and perfect service system, the development of brand strategy, market share steadily and gradually change Foreign brands dominate the Chinese wiring situation.

Domestic enterprises are actually taking a route from the route to follow to catch up. I think China can be divided into high-end routing market, mid and low end of three parts, the current high-end market still accounted for the majority share of foreign brands, but the domestic brands in the high-end market competitiveness has been greatly strengthened, change the current situation is only a matter of time; the end of the market is mainly domestic and foreign brands two to three Line brand business occupation, point of market share from domestic brands accounted for significant advantages; low-end market, foreign brands, domestic brands do not generally participation. Generally the case in market conditions, through the first half of 2007 and 2008, market analysis, high-end market being dominated by foreign brands, domestic brands mid-market advantage, at present the most sense of crisis should be the second and third tier foreign brand.

HC Security Network: branding and marketing for the enterprise every year to participate in various exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences held for the new products and other forms, in which businesses can get what value? Strategic cooperation in this regard in which the new plan next year?

Hanwei Roy, director of marketing communication: awareness of Chinese enterprises participating in the mobilization of the past few years have indeed been endless excitement, variety show offered in full swing, Han-dimensional communication on this occasion also participated in many high-profile professional exhibition.

Hanwei Communication pace left early in the exhibition, and have to go far, whether domestic exhibition, or foreign exhibitions, each received no small achievement, hope to make the Chinese and Uighur go abroad, to the world. We should see that show this concept into China in recent years compared things, most SMEs still never show.

The fundamental purpose of enterprises to participate in the exhibition is to increase product sales rate to obtain the order to expand market share, but the influence of business as an entity greater than any power of the product, while the exhibition of visitors, the most influential, the service excellent reputation and business execution, mature exhibitors at the show is to focus on corporate image and promote innovative display products.

After each exhibition, the Han-dimensional communication will be through the exhibition effect evaluation, and then develop a strategic plan for next year, should be the general direction of the future will continue to invest in participation and strive to bring greater efficiency to the enterprise to continue to enhance the Han-dimensional market share.

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