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American GCI northern region is wonderful and professional groom
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The professional attestation with American GCI free wiring grooms and other places of afterwards Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui grooms after the activity, returned in August in what send bright fall the Olympic Games held a city 2008 -- Beijing.

To strengthen GCI north the promotion of the professional knowledge of important channel partner and new to GC product, specially brings district of GCI big China the attestation that CTO Xu Nengjun is salesperson of share of associate of northward and important channel and division of company GCI north to undertake specializationing grooms.

Whole groom explain and discuss what around the integrated wiring knowledge of deep administrative levels and GCI newest product had interactive type. Make new salesperson right not only be suddenly enlightened of integrated wiring knowledge, make more old sale and technical engineer suddenly see the light. During, modest of manner of Mr Xu Nengjun and, have ask to answer surely, be present employee is a manner more active, atmosphere is dynamic. Although be short only,groom afternoon, but each clients that be present are far more than however to groomed heat with this.

Groom this designed arrangement undertakes in assembly room of GCI Beijing headquarters, have intimate contact to let client and GCI namely. Look around inspect GCI office space and wear all fronts product that go up to undertake analytic comparative to GCI sample, had more thorough knowledge to GCI product, whole groom interactive sex is better, wonderful content and enthusiastic atmosphere let those who sit be in each for a long time be hard to dismiss from one's mind...

(GCI surface mounting box)(the face plate that type of an organic whole carries screen module)(GCI is waterproof model jump line)(GCI casting aluminium is strengthened model screen module)

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