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Nepalese cable project delivers aid of our country government formally
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On August 29, I am stationed in Nepalese ambassador Zheng Xianglin to be in with Er of Nuo of division of secretary of Nepalese Ministry of finance the Buddhist nun the Ministry of finance is official me camphorwood reachs aid Buddhist nun Jiademan cable laid project turns over the Buddhist nun government, both sides is in have sex sign on certificate.

This project is full-length 125 kilometers, laid 36 core cable, create 16 machine station, join my camphorwood port. This is the project of the first aid that since Ni Xinzheng government office holds water, I just turn over to the Buddhist nun, also be my aid Buddhist nun project of communication of the first high-tech. After this project builds, but huge promotes Ni Guangtong to believe construction, the rate that accelerated network of phone, computer to wait and capacity, for a certain number of Buddhist nun inside year will correspond henceforth and Information Industry development levelled road. This project gets the Buddhist nun the welcome of social all circles.

The Buddhist nun I help highly praise of secretary of Ministry of finance the spirit that the team is in charge of with height, ground of high quality, rapid rate completed a project, government of acknowledgment our country helps continuously to the Buddhist nun, the support that he says China promoted the Buddhist nun not only socioeconomy develops, more deep the friendship of two countries people.

Zheng ambassador is right in the speech cooperation of solidarity of two countries brainpower, overcame all sorts of difficulty, finish a project satisfactorily to thanks; To Ni Xinzheng premier Pu Lachang amounted to government office to attend Olympic Games closure and hold a talk with our country leader, the friendship that strengthened two countries further and friendly collaboration express gratified, he hopes two countries will have greater progress in the friendly collaboration of each domains.

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