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Telegraphic and fiber-optic receive domestic highest building the 101st
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Of Chinese telecommunication fiber-optic receive edifice of center of round-the-world banking of 492 meters tall, 101 home highest building, Shanghai, this action already refresh business of domestic telegraphic operation is fiber-optic the apogee that receives business affairs building. From this, the top floor of this home, also enjoyed home's most high grade telegraphic and comprehensive information to serve.

After center of Shanghai round-the-world banking was started afresh 2001, telegraphic client manager dogs the client has close-fitting service. Current, edifice of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking built the communication resource with Shanghai top class the at present most advanced office building: Include double bureau to conduit resource, double bureau a bureau to each 96 core is fiber-optic inside resource, building fiber-optic enclothe the light inside resource, building to carry 5500 machine of node of machine of node of machine, ATM, DDN, programmed control to exchange resource, FTTB LAN to enclothe resource completely completely, 600 pairs.

Edifice of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking at formal on June 1 this year complete, the time node that user of the consign inside the building decorates was on June 15.

Current, many important client has been entered halt, include lucky fringe branch of industrial bank Shanghai, Mitsui stays in Shanghai of Inc. of commercial bank of branch of friendly bank Shanghai, Germany branch, dark edifice (Shanghai) management limited company of hotel of be an official of show of estate management advisory limited company, Shanghai and user of partial business shop.

Already used 3900 DID into these clients that be stationed in at present, a 30B D and more than 600 average telephone call, many only the net gets online, IPMAN gets online, online circuit of FTTB LAN and ADSL. Because resource of the form a complete set inside the building builds lead, at present all clients all came true to be entered smoothly halt.

The client manager of company of Chinese telegraphic Shanghai answer client demand for a short while, communication equipment installation is seasonable, daily communication is expedite. Of Chinese telecommunication fiber-optic receive height again refresh record: Received top floor 80, the speech of 1000 DID receives hotel of the Yu Baiyue that be used.

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