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Day sea passes center of technology of Shenzhen city industry smoothly 2008 year
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Recently, after the branch organizes an expert to have rigorous assessment, examination related municipal government of Shenzhen of course of Inc. of technology of communication of Shenzhen day sea, pass center of technology of Shenzhen city industry already smoothly 2008 year evaluate the work!

The job of the respect such as test and verify of experiment of development of the technical innovation that center of technology of Shenzhen city industry is helpful for promoting day sea company, product, quality management, craft, experiment, in the meantime, day sea company serves as the person that the industry precedes, solid advance technical platform construction, be helpful for lasting the competitive advantage of day sea company, offer the value with high grade product and new creation for the client.

According to introducing, the assess of center of technology of Shenzhen city industry is a basis " center of technology of business of Shenzhen city industry is maintained and examine way " wait for a regulation, the accountant office that appoints by center of city invite public bidding has special audit to the enterprise, be versed in by city trade bureau of bureau, tax of the Bureau of Finance, state, land tax bureau organizes industry expert to inspect argumentation assess jointly. Application enterprise must satisfy following requirements:

1. The enterprise establishs time not less than 4 years, technical center holds water not less than 2 years, and origanization construction is perfect, regulations system is sound, run administrative standard; The company is close 2 annual sales revenue not less than 200 million yuan, year ratal not less than 5 million yuan or product exit scale achieves 70 % above.

2. Equipment of technical center instrument is worth formerly not less than 6 million yuan; R&D investment takes year of sales revenue 3.5% above; Technical center develops personnel not less than 25 people, among them the personnel of advanced title and doctor's degree occupies 10% above, intermediate title and master's degree personnel occupy 30% above.

Day sea company holds water oneself only then, pursue own research and development to produce, have a team of professional research and development, product of research and development gains award of progress of science and technology of class of country, province, city and focal point for many times new certificate of products, already won patent of more than 100 countries now, participated in new standard of formulate of multinomial communication occupation standard and integrated wiring industry to edit.

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