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Big the Tang Dynasty system of telegraphic and integrated wiring makes ethical h
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At present integrated wiring market of home is in the times of development of a high speed, comprehensive promotion. Rely on abundant technical actual strength and the brand advantage in operation business market, pass ceaseless to the product innovation, develop actively to channel market, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic wiring system applies extensively already at the domain such as space of floor of national defence, education, finance, government, commerce at present. 2008, big the Tang Dynasty system of telegraphic and integrated wiring wins the bid for many times early or late home net of each big college campus is integrated wiring project, include Guangzhou among them Hua Na farming Normal University of university of foreign trade of foreign language of big, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan is humanitarian the home such as technical institute is famous the school.

Recently, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic wiring product tastes function and quality with exceedingly good yield again, win the bid Yunnan saves weak report of some army base to build a project. This base floor area 60 thousand Duopingmi, this weak report builds project project total check the number to achieve 5000 a little bit. At present this project already began early days construction. The demand that system of national defence communication builds to network foundation is very firm, network infrastructure builds the safety that matters to a network directly and efficiency. Of cable of big Tang Xian exceed cable of screen wire of screen of 5 kinds of blame and 6 kinds of blame producer goods all is tall purity cathode copper, made sure wire cable is using each index in the process effectively, the stability that made sure whole communication system moves and quick.

Big the Tang Dynasty integrated wiring system serves as telecommunication to precede with technology and character celebrated communication company brand, be being approbated by more and more industry place, its product place has distinctive, the favour that good system matchs a gender to also getting broad user.

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