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Fu Luke overcomes Shanghai to maintain a center at establishing blessing salary
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When the company establishs Fu Luke 60 years, for can more apace offers maintenance to serve for Chinese user, satisfy the requirement of Chinese user, fu Luke overcomes Shanghai to maintain a center at establishing blessing salary formally on August 28, 2008, full name " maintenance of instrument of salary of Beijing Fu Luke world and branch of Shanghai of service limited company " . Center of maintenance of Fu Luke Shanghai is located in area of Shanghai Min travel, face the user of Chinese area, the maintenance after offerring digital type avometer and the carry out that pincerlike expresses at present and service (detailed sees list of the following product) . The maintenance after Shanghai maintains a center to still will offer blessing salary to overcome the carry out of other product in succession serves, we will be overcome in time in blessing salary maintenance product list is released on the website, so that you inquire, if have doubt, you also can call service center of Fu Luke's client at any time: 4008103435. In the meantime, fu Luke Beijing maintains central professional work to keep changeless, the user is OK nearby chooses to maintain a place. Establish Fu Luke Shanghai to maintain a center, aim depends on maintaining a site through increasing, make we can think Chinese user provides more more quick, convenience after service, cash Fu Luke " China of base oneself upon, service China " acceptance. We also want to take the opportunity, thank broad user all the time since the support that gives Fu Luke and deep love, blessing salary overcomes China growing ceaselessly in your attention with progress. Brilliant 60 years, we in all add is new piece!

Shanghai maintains a center to maintain product list:

->Fluke 15B Fluke 17B

->Fluke 110 Fluke 111 Fluke 112 Fluke 114 Fluke 115

Fluke 116 Fluke 117

->Fluke 73-3 Fluke 1508 Fluke 902

->Fluke T5-600 Fluke T5-1000

->Fluke 51-2 Fluke 52-2 Fluke 53-2 Fluke 54-2

->Fluke 312 Fluke 316 Fluke 317 Fluke 318 Fluke 319

->Fluke 333 Fluke 334 Fluke 335 Fluke 336 Fluke 337

The electron that Fu Luke is a high quality not only checks the manufacturer of the tool, still devote oneself to to provide the service of the high quality that applies about the product for the client at the same time. To defend your product, the service center sets Fu Luke in the United States, it provides the calibration of the product, maintenance and the service that a few ego maintain, include to serve ministry and manufacturing ministry among them.

When you need calibration or be maintained, fu Luke can provide your all-around service.

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