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Approach big the Tang Dynasty system of telegraphic and integrated wiring
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From 1983 shellfish Er lab puts forward " integrated wiring " design thought, to last centuries integrated wiring technology introduces 90 time our country, through 20 old develop steadily, integrated wiring has been in our country stage by stage governmental orgnaization, enterprise or business unit, building gets applied extensively in floor space. Of the ceaseless progress as science and technology and social informatization degree rise ceaselessly, integrated wiring market and wiring technology also are in ceaseless gradual progress, rapid development. According to the report of relevant media, to 2010, the integrated wiring market of Asia-Pacific area will reach 1.53 billion dollar; Came 2005 between 2010, the increase rate of the market will achieve 11 % .

The Chinese economy of flying development drove the driving growth that infrastructure builds, also make manufacturer of domestic and international wiring increase the development strength of pair of China markets ceaselessly. At present the integrated wiring market of our country already conformed with international, the integrated wiring manufacturer with world-famous much already entered China, all sorts of new technologies apace gets applied. Although be put in all sorts of interference and problem, year of increase rate of home market still maintain in 10% ~ 15% , these are the main reasons that drive market of Chinese integrated wiring to develop quickly.

Can say, integrated wiring market of home is in the times of development of a high speed, comprehensive promotion. Center of intelligence, screen, data, this 3 big heat are sure is future the major attribute of integrated wiring system.

Big the Tang Dynasty cable of big Tang Xian has history of development of cable of 30 old local cable, number, production below telegraphic banner, negative editor-in-charge has been written " building communication is integrated wiring system " YD/T926-2001, " digital communication uses sincere polyolefin insulation level to wringing cable " the occupation standard such as YD/T1019-2001. Cable of big Tang Xian is located in the Chengdu City development of new and high technology, cover an area of more than mus 100. Already built the modern wire cable that includes establishment of all sorts of complete form a complete set to produce base now. Cable of big Tang Xian imports mould of single track of series connection insulation from Germany, introduce what France enters a company high to wring pair of machine and the advanced production facilities such as the machine that become cable, the LT568 number cable that recommends Finnish NOKIA company is automatic the DCM-SCS350 number cable of company of DCM of instrument, United States is automatic instrument, the instrument of link of DSP4000 number cable of American FLUKE company. The advanced manufacturing technology, production that supervises a method to deploy Gao Shuiping and detect equipment, the quality of digital cable product that assured cable of big Tang Xian is stable, excel country, industry and international standard. The 5E of company of cable of big Tang Xian kind, the communication product that cable of word of 6 class number carried center of peaceful Er attestation examines into net attestation, obtain relevant attestation letter.
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