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Shi Naide is electric help strength " green Olympic Games "
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"Shi Naide is electric Olympic Games village " show Olympic Games solution in the round

Chinese Beijing, on August 22, 2008 – whole world can Shi Naide of effect administration expert is electric invited more than 1000 clients and partner to come to Beijing to watch Olympic Games game a few days ago, look around " Shi Naide is electric Olympic Games village " , reveal Shi Naide to its electric the solution that offers for place of 47 Olympic Gameses and relevant support features.

Be located in the Shi Naide near Beijing office division village of electric Olympic Games is opened formally, reveal " green Olympic Games " the design offers a collect to look around for nearly 1000 honored guests that arrive in succession, meal and the mobile place that watch TV match to be an organic whole. Zhao Guohua of president of electric whole world, group superintends Shi Naide Laheman of chairman of board of directors and Du Huajun of Chinese division president are in " Olympic Games village " in speech.

Du Huajun of president of electric China division expresses Shi Naide: "Beijing Olympic Games is ' green Olympic Games ' , while our product and solution are reducing the sources of energy to use up, implementation is safer, more reliable, more effective, more productive target. Face world energy crisis, we devote oneself to to improve an environment from beginning to end, we believe, below everybody's joint efforts, the athlete will create more miracles. The athlete will create more miracles..

Shi Naide is electric and comprehensive in the construction that participates in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, offer the energy-saving product such as distribution, automation, illume and solution for place of 47 Olympic Gameses and relevant support features, save the sources of energy that is as high as 30% to use up for the client, help Chinese government come true thereby " green Olympic Games " target. In addition, a group that forms by the technical personnel of sale, carry out hind and client ministry, cent is stationed in each place, it is equipment safety, normal to ensure movement, escort the Emperor for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games convoy.

Additional, the country that 3 Shi Naide's electric employee regard an athlete as him delegate attended the Olympic Games this year and incomplete abstruse meeting. Matthew Wells is Australian country hockey team team member, alim Latreche will represent project of fencing of French go out for a battle, the Alain Fuss that comes from France likewise will be in incomplete plays game of wheelchair group track and field in abstruse meeting.

Shi Naide is electric once participated in construction Atlanta, sydney, the match place of Salt Lake City and Olympic Games of Er of dimension of A Er shellfish. This year, shi Naide is electric continue to provide professional service for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, compose of supportive China government builds harmonious society, achieve the strategic goal that can develop continuously.
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