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Deteweile Guangzhou of strategics of wiring of company data center goes
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Integrated wiring working group and Chinese reconnaissance design committee of major of communication of news of society of Chinese project standardization association " intelligent building and urban information " ~ combined magazine company to be held in 3 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou on August 1 on July 18, 2008 " promotion of technology of 2008 whole nations meets strategics of data center wiring " .

Regard integrated wiring as the senior brand of the industry, the Switzerland that has nearly hundred years history cable company active support participated in Deteweile to should popularize the 3rd station of the meeting -- Guangzhou stands.

The Guangzhou August is broiling and intolerable, but still fail to hold back personnel of broad and professional technology enthusiastic to the study of new technology, many 140 delegate that attended a meeting on August 1 is serious listen respectfully every technology and product lecture, in answer the specific question that doubt phase raised a lot of designs and construction, whole meeting communicates eagerly, atmosphere is enthusiastic.

This " promotion of technology of 2008 whole nations meets strategics of data center wiring " in each station special installed manufacturer product communication to reveal a stage, for industry major through the seminar technical personnel and product company are built face-to-face communicate with communication. Deteweile the company also establishs series product to reveal a stage in this second Guangzhou conference, build the bridge of information communication for personnel of product and technology of project of a gleam of through the conference.

In Guangzhou we can feel the height of new to new technology knowledge pays close attention to Hua Na area apparently, a lot of representing come from the circumjacent city such as Shenzhen on a special trip attend the meeting. " design of system of data center wiring and construction technology white paper " the owner that is met more greatly, construction and the wide attention that design an unit and high evaluation.

Guangzhou promotion still can strengthen academic technology and the photograph that real product uses to be united in wedlock. The part explains in the technology, zhang Yi of group leader of integrated wiring working group, with respect to the user demand of system of data center wiring analysis, space is formed, network wiring program and develop attack the respect such as structure and installation design and construction point undertook detailed and comprehensive analytic.

Ceng Songming of manager of company technology department passes Deteweile the analysis of nine technology issue, share the design skill of system of data center wiring with everybody, explained how to build system of efficient, safe data center wiring. Spot echo is enthusiastic.

Guangzhou activity is the most outstanding is to answer finally doubt phase, although close already at 5 o'clock, meet again on the weekend, but most delegate still is in serious delibrate, quiz eagerly. The weather of Guangzhou is fervent, the enthusiasm that learns in Guangzhou assembly room is like a raging fire more. This second " promotion of technology of 2008 whole nations meets strategics of data center wiring " the picture in atmosphere learned ardently to go up in Guangzhou station satisfactory full stop, obtained consummation.
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