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Love amounts to dispatch to aid wiring of palace of force Beijing sun
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Structured wiring system is modern building or building group the information inside transmits network system, the deferent system of information of its transmission medium through standardization and the one's voice in speech that all sorts of standardization components make whole modern architectural unite, data, image, multimedia and automata signal.

England loves to amount to the show that dispatch has newly as wiring industry, pay attention to the development at new technology and innovation all the time, depending on outstanding product performance and excellent service and quality to assure, retaining in a lot of domain high market is had rate. Involve edifice of government, finance, telegraphic, education, medical treatment, public facilities, place, intelligence to wait. Beijing sun Gong Zeng combines wiring system is among them. Among them between each building build the between perpendicular main force between group of trunk wiring and equipment to employ solution of ADDISON fiber-optic network; The wiring inside Lou Yu uses ADDISON to exceed solution of wiring of 5 kinds of double skeining thread.

Whole system uses several foothold and speech dot to unite the means of wiring inside sun palace, make feature of two kinds of news can pass the management that the line jumps between equipment to be changed each other, each other is backup, increase the flexibility of wiring system and dependability.

Love amounts to dispatch of integrated wiring system form, in structuralization, flexibility, but investment of expansibility, protection, cost saving, avoid the square mask such as apply line construction for many times to have an advantage. According to user demand, structure of this physics of second system wiring uses star develop to attack place manner, should have configuration agile, center administrative characteristic. Love amounts to dispatch wiring system to satisfy the technical requirement that be as follows:

1. Accord with newest international standard ISO/IEC1180 to exceed level of 5 kinds of wiring, the high speed that assures computer network, reliable information transmits a requirement, have high flexibility, dependability, omnibus, easy enlarge to allow a gender.

2. Undertake opening type wiring, port supports all electrical outlet data news report, one's voice in speech and image are delivered, satisfy TV conference, the need of the system such as multimedia; Can satisfy agile applied requirement, namely either news feature can join arbitrarily conveniently the computer or phone.

3. All receiving plug-in unit should be modular standard component, when there is greater progress in order to go to the lavatory in the future, expand equipment easily go in.

4. The number that can support thousand rate is defeated as it is said, the network such as net of net of supportable aether net, high speed aether, your card annulus, ATM, IDFDI, ISDN reachs application.

Meanwhile, be opposite to satisfy an user wiring system is more expensive can provide rational requirement, foothold of place know exactly about sth all uses the intelligent wiring with the the fastest, at present most reliable rate of the most advanced, response to run a system. This will promote a network the work efficiency of the administrator greatly, convenient management and safeguard, can ensure at the same time the stability of the network and high-powered movement, reduce a network to pile up rate and fault rate by accident.
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