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Telecommunication of chaste tree door builds first EPON informatization village
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A few days ago, the informatization village that door of Hubei chaste tree introduces EPON first times to receive a technology builds in Peng Duncun of Zhong Xiang city, begin to put number. This village villager needs to pass only fiber-optic what can realize the business such as monitoring of speech, broadband, video is integrated receive, the information that enjoys Chinese telecommunication tall bandwidth serves.

This year the beginning of the year, branch of door of Chinese telegraphic chaste tree according to province company " light is retreated into copper " integral deploy, EPON network construction includes major project, sound program, divide pace construction, put forward to built program 2008: It is to halt cupreous cable construction in the round, cupreous cable does not give a floor, every builds village and space of business affairs floor to use EPON technology entirely; 2 it is the country uses FTTN DSL (EPON) mode and receive a dot to sink demand of contented country broadband; 3 it is distance of cable of copper of business of broadband of the city zone in cable of copper of business of 1kM above and broadband of blame the city zone the distance is in the village of 2kM above, undertake EPON cable network is transformed. In the meantime, receive rural broadband take one's place in the ranks to enter first EPON project scope. Village of Zhongxiang Peng mound is first village that use EPON to be received and is benefited, project personnel overcomes amount of weak point of time limit for a project, project to wait for difficulty greatly, open facility at great recently melody, realized EPON business to debut.

Next, telecommunication of chaste tree door will accelerate EPON network construction in whole town, satisfy the need that video business and social informatization admit quickly, raise a broadband to put outfit ability ceaselessly, strive for in October ensure rate of understand of administrative village cable is amounted to before the bottom 50% , rate of understand of administrative village broadband is amounted to 75% , did not amount to cross-connecting area of mark copper cable to achieve 35% transformed goals.

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