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Gu Ge participates in laid Asia submarine cable once more
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According to foreign media coverage, afterwards after this year Feburary, gu Ge a few days ago once more together submarine cable of Asia of collective laid of Asian communication company.

New submarine cable project is called " cable of southeast Asia Japan " (the following abbreviation " SAJC " ) , hong Kong of main and responsible Japan, Guam, Singapore, China, Philippine correspond with the sea floor of Thailand.

This year in Feburary, gu Ge already combined KDDI to wait for company of communication of much home Asia, between the United States and Japan laid the name is " Unity " cable of high capacity sea floor, predict 2010 investment is used. New SAJC cable project bear build square basic and as identical as Unity project, include telecommunication of Gu Ge, Bharti, Singapore, KDDI and Global Transit to wait, predict 2011 investment is used.

In addition still the message says, gu Ge still prepares to build to lead to submarine cable of Africa. According to the report at the beginning of month of ITWeb of south Africa website, gu Ge served the company such as supplier Internet Solutions, Telkom SA, MTN and Vodacom to undertake consulting to this with south Africa Internet last month.

ITWeb still says, gu Ge still contacted company of company of south Africa Broadband Infraco and cable of sea floor of southeast Asia country (Seacom) , the plan builds the submarine cable that leads to India and Europe from Africa.

In last few years, gu Ge devotes oneself to actively to build fiber-optic network infrastructure, use at domestic network and data center for the most part among them. Accordingly, investing new submarine cable may be this strategy is outspread. But also be to increase bandwidth likely, march the overseas market that has development latent capacity. Cereal song tall canal also expresses all the time, developing country market offerred the biggest development chance for Gu Ge.

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