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American Q2 exceeds DSL to add six hundred and seventeen thousand four hundred f
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Study a group according to Leichtman (LRG) recent data shows, 2008 the 2nd quarter, company of American top class cable raises user of Internet of six hundred and seventeen thousand four hundred and twenty-six high speed in all, and banner telegraphic operation business increases two hundred and fifteen thousand five hundred and forteen user only.

Cable operation business is holding advantage position, user of high speed Internet is achieved 35.3 million, hold market of fixed circuitry broadband the portion of 54% . Business of telegraphic 2007 operation, its are opposite it seems that the great majority share that acquires American broadband market is confident, and at present user base is 29.7 million, the respect increases to lag behind far in the user.

Integral user increases to be reduced apparently, compare 2007 the 2nd quarter, growth of cable broadband user is reduced 15% , the user measure that communication infrastructure provider drives increases reduce 77% .

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