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2008Peak of appreciation of channel of whole nation of lab of Vcom integrated wi
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"Fresh gale rises Yun Feiyang, power add within the country put in birthplace 's charge. How to get brave warrior defend all directions! " -- Chinese great-great-grandfather Liu state " fresh gale song "

On August 22, 2008, 23 days, typhoon " parrot " the front sways Guangdong coastal. And right now, peak of appreciation of channel of whole nation of lab of 2008Vcom integrated wiring still can be in Zhuhai to be held as scheduled truly.

Bus of two air conditioning is carrying many 100 cent that comes from countrywide each district to sell business and system from Guangzhou compositive business runs quickly in Beijing bead on the freeway, ahead nebula approachs a city, the mirth inside the car, everybody was worth a peak to be able to offer extremely tall hope to Bencizeng.

The organization that can make extremely high standards to this second peak recieves Vcom arrangement, the big public house of congress of Zhuhai of 5 stars class on sweethearts road, the guest that is distance already people below provision " view the sea " comfortable seascape room. Although did not experience the romantic tenderness to sweethearts road, can use the dust of the boundless catharsis heart of fierce wind heavy rain however.

Vcom does not like falsehearted convention, also do not follow of scene of debauchery coxcombical, arranged after late banquet designedly then " big country rises abruptly " good fun! Guest people be mixed by drive inspire, the craftsmanship that highly praises an organizer in succession carries alone, for the following day the formal meeting in the morning laid good affection foundation.

23 one big early, after the delicate breakfast that enjoys cafeteria, the guest of too impatient to wait people begin to enter ahead of schedule in succession, think a bit earlier the summit that pry Vcom prepares for everybody is met content. The sea day that the assembly room sets 21 in guesthouse is monochromatic auditoria, of blue advocate before setting, the sea to vast, be together with the blue Logo dissolve of Vcom, a drawing is to let really if the person is crazy be like drunk...

The conduct propaganda that enjoys Vcom piece later, the Gu Zheng that the conference heats in " the general makes " in pulled open heavy curtain. Vcom president is yellow trend of Shuai Minxin pace is downstage, did with " go out for a battle " the opening demit that gives priority to a problem. Good " go out for a battle " ! Appetite condole with respect to will all guest arrived acme! Back-to-back, chen Jin of general manager of center of operation of the district austral Vcom China, time the assistant dean Yu Minghui of institute of technical institute software did Yu to welcome respectively demit and " integrated wiring lab teachs medium application in the profession " special subject lecture.

Tea rests time, guest people before standing in the French window that faces the sea, admire beautiful scenery at the same time, at the same time fine fine savour refreshments, be full of interest ground to chat each other at the same time, the current situation that cooperates with Vcom and foreground compare notes. Subsequently, all guest is together group photo souvenir, leave this wonderful instant.
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