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ADC and Canadian Crossover Distribution sign wireless cent to sell an agreement
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On August 14, 2008 - ADC company and headquarters are set in install the Mixisuojia that rude lake carries on the west city, the solution provider Crossover Distribution of Canada's largest wireless network, telecommunication and cable television signed a wireless cent to sell an agreement. System of distributed antenna of the InterReach Unison that this agreement conduces to stimulative ADC and InterReach Fusion receives very good application in large intelligence building, also promote the product of InterReach new fund that designs for Canadian market only to get be executived in the round.

Of this agreement sign be helpful for passing its agency people the business category that enlarges ADC company to be in Canada.

"The requirement that raises increasingly as the client is newer, in Canadian each district we will provide speech and the most reliable, wireless network that provides cost effectiveness most, data network for them, the dependence that enhances them is spent. " sale of Crossover Distribution market and sale vice-president Darin Gibbons are mentioned, "The solution of ADC will make we are mixed in large intelligence building public on enlarge a product cover a range, also make us capable to offer solution of much carrier wave, these are us at present the product cannot come true " .

"ADC regards kimono of accepted product of global network infrastructure as the banner supplier of Wu, its wireless product fits the mobile business that Crossover grows increasingly inherently. " John Taylor of Crossover Distribution president complements.

ADC company claims, building cell system already used 12 thousand room of alive bound each district. System of this InterReach distributed antenna offers the high-powered shift that carries end for the client wireless enclothe.

"Our new link system supports the week of business of all Canada operation to lead, at the same time also deploy is lukewarm 2010 the place of Olympic Winter Games of elder brother China. " John Spindler of vice president of management of ADC company product discloses, "With Crossover Distribution company this kind of new partner concern conduces to accelerate us to be in Canada the growth rate of the market, strengthen the force of InterReach system and company other solution. Strengthen the force of InterReach system and company other solution..

ADC company website: Website of company of Www.adc.com Crossover Distribution: Www.crossoverdistribution.com

Textual link: Http://cim.pennnet.com/display_article/337006/27/NEWS/none/CONTR/1/ADC-signs-wireless-distribution-agreement-with-Canada's-Crossover/

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