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China develops system of multimedia of NVD number family
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Laboratory of state of photoelectricity of Wuhan of university of Hua Zhongke ability thanks immortal professor, the system of multimedia of family of high-definition number of GB of new generation NVD12 that demonstrated to be developed independently by this school to the reporter now.

In last few years, the generation of digital TV drove the development of high-definition technology industry, abroad already formed two kinds of blue smooth high-definition standards, and Hua Zhongke develops successful NVD system this greatly, use the technical method that differs with this completely -- glow is high-definition.

According to introducing, high-definition number of new generation NVD is broadcasted machine give priority to in order to broadcast high-definition number signal, the system supports USB equipment not only, in still bringing into network function occupation standard, come. The user uses NVD system, OK and direct appreciation links the wonderful TV program inside the local area network, examine share the file in resource and USB equipment. In CD copyright navigation system of protection, CD, content bales software, overall on the crucial technology such as test system, what showed intellectual property actually is own change, in glow high-definition domain achieves international advanced level.

Xie Changsheng expresses, go up in the international market at present, a blue smooth high-definition number broadcasts the price of machine to be 1000 dollars, and after the product throw on the market of NVD, predicting price is 1500 yuan of RMBs only. Additional, system of multimedia of family of NVD15 GB high-definition number also is in in intensifying developing.

This year October bottom, this project passes the technical achievement appraisal that saves organization of office of science and technology by Hubei, expert group thinks consistently " this project is muti_function to Chinese development new generation the CD, research that inspects dish of machine technology standard rose to urge action actively " . Current, this project already threw small lot production.

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