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One is done completely decide flying benefit riverside to push 5 close 1 muti_fu
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Textual link: Http://crunchgear.com/2006/12/01/philips-5-in-1-portable-video-game-charger/

Go out you can carry outer most propbably certainly a lot of things, for instance camera of MP3 player, mobile phone, number and sport control machine, and in these equipment sport control machine believes is the easiest side you dismiss the dull time in travel process. But having a problem is these equipment be to should use phone, so are you willing to carry a big charger to be on the body very much? If such trouble is your intolerable word, so I suggest you can consider below this is rolled out by flying benefit riverside 5 close 1 general-purpose charger.


According to introducing flying benefit this charger of riverside can be Nintendo DS, DS Lite, GBA, GBA Micro and machine of Sony PSP palm undertake charging, and this charger will on the CES 2007 congress that will come roll out formally.

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