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Digital family, the enterprise changes way
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Each link of digital family, namely " catenary " already formed, but lack what can be together their conformity " value " .

During Hong Kong telecommunication is exhibited, transient China telecommunication exhibits the audience discovery of the stage, china is telegraphic already no longer bureau be confined to reveals sky of number knowledgeable person, interconnection to wait for specific business brand, go to these business brand put together however the society is communal 4 big themes exhibit informatization of office management and service informatization, business look forward to, family informatization and individual informatization area. Among them, domestic informatization exhibits an area to become this China telegraphic business to show medium the largest window.

Digital family to domestic operation business already was old topic. Regard a foreground as inviting big market, digital family domain attracted a lot of industry tycoons, provider of the provider that includes facility of chip, terminal, network and operation business, content, live in a manufacturer to participate in even. But at present digital family is popularized still because of difficult heavily. Does the reason where?

A lot of people ascribe the reason to the vacancy of operation business. Look in the person that holds this kind of point of view, what digital family popularizes is slow result from greatly did not take the exterior network photograph with operation business seriously to join, produce enormous rise in value very hard to serve thereby. Return somebody to think, current, the promotion difficult problem that digital family faces, it is the dominant in the absense of an industry catenary greatly person. And in at present the condition with bristly, poor professional work issues domestic network standard, only ability of telegraphic operation business manages overall situation.

But, operation business reachs the designated position and can not solve the problem that digital family faces automatically. For instance standard problem, itself of business of two big operation belongs to different level a group of people of same interest with respect to cent, this affects the right to speak that its get on in standard problem directly.

On digital family, a word that we often say is, truly complete value catenary had be notted form. In fact, current, each link of whole number family, also namely " catenary " had formed, but lack what can be together these chain conformity " value " , how form digital family namely " the first pail of gold " .

Accordingly, what our earnestly needs to think over is not industrial chain link, extend pattern at present however whether development of family of amount to word is offerred the first drive. And the first link that judges of low quality of actor of mode of a promotion, the target that depends on how knowing us suffers numerous with target demand. Digital family is process of an advance gradually, different killer class application can present in different level, promote its to carry fast, and to different family, its demand is heterogeneous also and dispersive, the dimensions of this and modern trade produces principle photograph to be contrary to. And a key that solves this one problem, depend on will be aimed at domestic promotion, instead assembles in the light of the family, also namely the promotion of community.
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