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Intelligent home Ju Song leaves the door that G-Mode open future lives in
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Those who accompany contemporary household life is ceaseless evolve, health is changed, the focal point that the household environment that intelligence changes has made people place go after! Busy job adds the life of fast rhythm, brought more pressure and irritated concern to people! How will work as both as the life give attention to two or morethings? How to become household life simple is intelligence changed? Believe, accompany G of the air conditioning below the pine - the emerge as the times require of platform of system of control of network of Mode two-way intelligence, all difficult problem be readily solved.

This is had by what the pine issues initiate of the air conditioning central " intensive turns control " the G of distinct advantage - platform of system of control of network of Mode two-way intelligence, the demand of people and contemporary household life need complete according to and research and development, this reflected Songxiazhong adequately also to end air conditioning is with the person this research and development and production are politic. It is reported, this system is taken the lead in applying in the pine to leave product of series of Ⅲ of legend of the air conditioning central, appear on the market in global synchronism, lead people to take the lead in experiencing wonderful life of future!

Accompany Songxiazhong to end product of series of Ⅲ of air conditioning legend and intelligence turn the application that controls a system, no matter be coolish age, burning hot summer, cold winter, also or before the desk that is business, bussiness trip journey medium or it is to put in domestic road 's charge to go up, we are OK at any time and place the switch that controls air conditioning easily through an a phone, computer, adjust temperature, accomplish prescient changes in temperature truly, for the home medium old person, wife, child builds a more comfortable surroundings. The life that product of pithy science and technology is sure to be us is brought span the progress of type! Let our community identify a day! The experience belongs to our comfortable life!

6 years picked science and technology makes the air conditioning below the pine that make force crystally----G-Mode system platform, in extensive net environment, it not only it is the systematic platform with one individual interactive machine, still be the systematic platform of a multivariate and open mode. Its advantage depends on; Assembled to have air conditioning already implement a variety of intelligence of a variety of intelligence control fashion, can carry a variety of peripheral equipment and administrative system again, more perfect system upgrades the user demand that serves to develop in order to suit ceaselessly.

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