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Intelligence lives in the wonderful new creation of the domain
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In the times of science and technology of flying nowadays development, be full of strange think of clever the new creation that consider emerges in endlessly, change quickly.

Intelligent window fights heat to omit report again

Troy Dr. · Dr. Manning of Liverpudlian university Chemstry Department develops England recently give what can assist people conquer intense heat of summer " intelligence " glass, enclothe on glass of this kind of window have one the layer is thin small chemical matter: Below normal circumstance, filmy meeting lets sun's rays and quantity of heat pass; When indoor temperature achieves 25 ℃ , film still can let sun's rays pass, but bring about the infrared ray that warm up to cannot be passed. Had this to plant " intelligence " glass, make the office cool in summer it is more easy to come down, and this kind " intelligence " glass can help your save money. Had this to plant " intelligence " glass, the place in the room needs air conditioning equipment to be able to decrease greatly.

Oven adds freezer intelligence save trouble

Scientists are about to let " extreme misery is concomitant " -- , refrigeration makes hot fuse at an organic whole. The meaning of this one invention depends on, you rise to put bought refrigerant food the machine in the morning, how can set his mind at a person's mind goes working, the machine that mobile phone or Internet use to give you before coming off work is given out heat the directive of food, wait for you to arrive home to be able to eat the dinner of warm instantly.

"Touch must not " coat safety is gotten complete

Make clear on look, this kind " touch must not " the design style of coat is very modern, refined. If put on it, have infinite safe feeling: No matter be man or lady, want you to feel to may encounter the evil person's assault only, "Touch must not " of coat defend the function can be started instantly, any wanting that to you the gangster of conspire against the law will suffer the crackdown of strong tension. "Touch must not " the small cell that coat uses 9 bend over, the high-pressured electricity that produces is right him person that wear is without danger. Even if high-pressured report is abortive put through, the person that this coat also can give off blue light produced by electricity to warn those have evil intentions " roll remote speck " !

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