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PC of recreation of riverside of flying benefit of digital family solution is ev
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Product exterior

Well-known, flying benefit riverside is having quite important place all the time in the fittings market of IT industry. The product such as the monitor of flying benefit riverside, peripheral, optical storage, sound box is having pretty good public praise all the time. And this year the beginning of the year, benefit riverside is rolled out formally in China brand-new digital family is wireless solution -- interconnection heavenly body. What the other digital families such as the Live PC of the VIIV PC of INTEL or AMD differ is, the interconnection heavenly body of flying benefit riverside is not simple one or a group of products, it does not have apparent frame limits confine. As heavenly body of interconnection of flying benefit riverside of concept of wireless number family roll out, the has a brand oneself MMPC multimedia computer that flying benefit riverside rolls out, also be the one part that the strategy of interconnection heavenly body that flying benefit riverside begins to roll out this year plans. Next the editor introduces next one flying benefit riverside for everybody the use of MMPC3310 is experienced.

Box whole is used conceal design of type CD driver, read card implement conceal inside the 3rd face plate, make the exterior more concise, easy. Be worth what carry is, box of all MMPC product is the entrance galvanization board that uses 0.8mm entirely, craft is lost inside unilateral, demolish side panel to change spare parts when won't delimit begin, and the electromagnetism screen effect with be had better, the health that protects consumer is passed through medicinal powder hot air sees medicinal powder hot design also is very outstanding, use exceed big Jing Yin buy of vortical CPU fan, side guides wind aperture wait for a variety of coming loose to heat up means, accord with requirement of 38 degrees of box strictly. Make a system stable move, CPU fan and power source fan use Jing Yin to design, strict control runs noise.

What place of MMPC-3310 of flying benefit riverside deploys is monitor of 170C6 of flying benefit riverside, the exterior looks it seems that the quadrature in the compasses in some, some appear too too sedate and lack fashionable sense, the collocation of the black after the silver before passing still sees rarely. Be worth what carry is monitor uses the processing that do not have lead, but better protective environment. Monitor base design also does not provide characteristic to use design of crescent moon ungual type, at the same time 170C6 puts park by button right next horn, convenient use.

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