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Suzhou ocean intelligence lives in things to come out
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Limited company of articles for use of household of Suzhou ocean intelligence is the company that intelligence of a development, development, sale lives in, company experience develops development via old product, own multinomial product patent, machine of curtain of course of remote control art obtains a country to invent patent, invent patent date ZL 01132104. 0, international is in in course of study of person of the same trade lead position, reach the 5 big levels with international established industry: The shell is beautiful, move smooth, move to grow without noise, service life, but the hand uses switch.

Siyi Ai Eryao controls machine of artistic course curtain, used principle of advanced scroll helix drive, it used the working principle of save labour of cant of whorl screw drive, laden below the premise of coequal power capability is the strongest, take out the cumbersome screw in whorl screw drive and nut, applied helix bedspring and drawing ably the purpose that cooperated to complete scroll helix drive with scroll bearing. Thereby leave out the rigid structure of the drive such as traditional pulley, rope, leather belt, make the dependability of the product and service life got greatly rise, run life especially long, move without switch of hotshot of the noise, energy-saving function that omit report, power cut domestic and international numerous and congener product cannot be likened to this 3 big characteristics. The product broke the world record of without reason barrier 300 thousand times in moving life test.

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