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Graph article and analyse is automatic curtain system equipment
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System of curtain of automatic remote control is a kind of new-style high-tech product. The enjoyment that its application will bring you high-tech and convenient, at the same time can beautification your environment, make your environmental high level is changed. Now, the relevant equipment that knows systems of next curtain of automatic remote control first.
1. Curtain drive equipment implement inside of reliable safe fortify protector.

2. Stock hand is moved, intelligent line accuses pushbutton, remote controller and timer. When the curtain leaves completely to open or be shut, driver can quit the job in time. When power source happening cuts off the power, but the hand moves open to reach shut a system.

3. The open that has 10 archives to differ and close career, different situation can choose different career.

4. The amortize die inside drive equipment implement reach different adjusting control speed to will bring your quiet and clinking happiness, comfortable new fashionable life to enjoy.

5. The system times controller can have automatic open and automatism setting 8 times inside 24 hours beforehand. If encounter you to go out, the system times the meeting habit according to you is in controller to be the same as automatic open for a short while to reach everyday shut a curtain, ensure safe.

6. The system is special special place code accepts system of remote controller along with implement be opposite along with all the others already the different curtain system of set undertakes controlling. This system equipment can alone or the curtain system that is used at control to differ at the same time.
Can consult to set equipment to pursue finally:

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