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On October 17, 2006, fair of achievement of new and high technology is in the 8th China International Shenzhen ends satisfactorily. The center of digital family recreation that makes meeting window heat, high as nowadays among them was attracted numerous, come round to enter the vision of the consumer that exhibit and domestic and international travelling merchant, fly especially it may be said of heavenly body of benefit riverside interconnection is to outshine the rest, will in order to move the household of stereo fact scene of feeling vogue show a solution of center of wireless number recreation, this kind of drive that experiences form aroused the great interest that joins the person that exhibit, let them experience the real fascination that lives to the number, the true condition that number of heavenly body of interconnection of flying benefit riverside lives got successful deduction.

Heavenly body of interconnection of flying benefit riverside attracts experience of the person that a large number of ginseng are exhibited

Fact of product of interconnection of number of flying benefit riverside takes interconnection heavenly body is the concept that flying benefit riverside lives to prospective digitlization, either a simple or a group of products, covered the application of multimedia image sound, with WiFi wireless reach UPnP technology to rely on, can cast off the tie of existing technology thoroughly, make digital multimedia content free between domestic network, PC and image sound product transmit, offerred a solution of practical wireless number family for consumer. Hand in high in this on the meeting, the product of interconnection of number of flying benefit riverside that before flying benefit riverside was revealed not only, has appeared on the market in the round in home basically is player of music of player of multimedia of MMPC multimedia computer, wireless number, wireless number, high speed wireless road by implement wait for digital interconnection product, wireless music center also exhibited in the meantime, this reflected flying benefit riverside adequately to lead digital recreation the powerful actual strength of life agitation and determination continuously. As we have learned, center of this wireless music can come true to listen to different song function in different room, will all music stores together, get music through wireless emissive center, the family is old little each takes what he needs, enjoy in respective room, be in harmony of its Le Rong, of the life that gives people brought higher life quality and more fashionable way of life.

Walk into flying benefit riverside to exhibit an area, vogue moves the stereo fact scene of feeling to live in greet. Pass player of wireless number music, the digital music that carries the network carries the network up and down is broadcasted through HiFi acoustics; Pass player of wireless number multimedia, TV and multimedia computer interconnection, implementation sees big before TV, the dream that plays game; Pass wireless music center, can extend along with the heart amount to 5 wireless extension, the music that likes in different corner him listen respectfully... this kind of true condition is revealed, broke through the hype of the deal in generalities of extensive flavour, complete and stereo digitlization life setting appears at people before, all products and content tentacle can be reached, the person that every ginseng is exhibited can say is be personally on the scene, close all previous the essence that wireless number lives and connotation.
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