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Sound accuses intelligent window to make our life more convenient and comfortabl
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Want us to say voice only " open a curtain " , the curtain can be opened automatically; When receiving windward rain, window door can be shut automatically. The life that intelligence spends is leaving the masses closer and closer. " daily economy news " establish dynamoelectric tracery limited company to understand from Shanghai, this company is dominating curtain business in preparatory speech, prepare to be popularized energetically next year, the door of harships induction controls a system to also be changed in progressively family in the center of the window, predict the left and right sides gained ground in domestic market 2008.
As in last few years market of domestic house property warms up, the city builds accelerate, window door curtain regards outfit study at school as indispensable part increasingly hot, of standard of living rise to also make intelligence change door window to begin to gain ground. Although domestic intelligence changes a window to be in,grow, but still expand without occurrence high speed at present. According to introducing, in the business composition that stands on Shanghai, the business such as project building occupied the turnover that 80 % control, dynamoelectric window has the family only 20 % , and the dimensions that there also are 15 % only in the scale of business of the family in this industry.

Yue Dao of company general manager river stands to express on Shanghai, it is dynamoelectric window sales volume rises these a few years faster period. Go up before a few years the outstanding achievement growth that establishs a company is controlled in 10 % , and the growth that there already were 20 % last year compared to the same period first half of the year this year, turnover is in millions of or so yuan. Mr Jiang predicts, can have a tall crash long process to 2008 from this year. Current, shanghai true major produces the company of dynamoelectric window not to exceed 10.

Mr Jiang expresses at the same time, the profit this year is in dynamoelectric window drop, fall control in 10 % . As we have learned, at present the trade price of cheap and dynamoelectric window is in 600 ~ 700 yuan, retail price is controlled in 1000 yuan almost; Intermediate trade price is controlled for 1000 yuan, retail be in 1500 yuan of above, and high-grade product is in commonly 2000 yuan of above.

Great majority is at present dynamoelectric window mount remote control device, and speech control system will upgrade this function. A lot of cable subsidiary are searching a manufacturer to cooperate now, joint production speech is dynamoelectric window, at present sound accuses systematic price to be controlled in 1000 yuan, mr Jiang expresses, as produce quantity promotion and price fall this year, dynamoelectric window just meets next year speech dimensions is changed appear. And as price fall, probably its will walk along average household after two years.

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