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The short message controls a product to realize intelligent family dream easily
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Be in as mobile phone and network of home gain ground, the product of series of short message treasure that sea Er rolls out right now catered to the society of 3C times completely to develop a tendency, guided the consumptive concept of consumer. Traditional hand moves control home appliance already was only way no longer, mobile phone, network, make the way that can choose arbitrarily, greatly convenient the life of the user, more the lifestyle that catered to fashionable crowd.

Short message treasure is used embedded technology, support a variety of network agreements. After home appliance adds treasure of outfit short message, online requirement is had in wanting user home only, the user can carry mobile phone short message or Internet controls a medium home appliance remotely.

Particular way is consumer should join only in the home Internet, it is mobile phone number on website of treasure of short message of sea Er U-HOME register pertinent information, can control home appliance remotely through short message treasure, short message charge and common short message endowment cost standard is same, can follow user mobile phone more former endowment cost means enjoys every months of several yuan short message to include lunar formula. The price of short message treasure that sea Er rolls out this is controlled for 600 yuan, be told relatively at solution of U-HOME whole set, be what the masses asks is carry to gain ground in satisfying model product.

The short message of the family of sea Er number before be being compared controls means and the short message that other trademark tries remotely to control fashion, if pass configuration,the way that blocks to home appliance SIM realizes interconnection each other to connect, on technology of treasure of this short message further.

Be based on the platform of old brand of sea Er home appliance, the home appliance that sea Er produces since last year had network interface basically, can use with join of photograph of short message treasure directly, short message treasure had realized the control of air conditioning of pair of sea Er family expenses, central air conditioning, washing machine, microwave oven, water heater, what be worth to be carried more is, cooperate high-definition TV product, short message treasure came true to undertake engraving copying the function of the program through sending mobile phone short message, this is the PVR TV of new generation. Additionally short message treasure still can apply on the central air conditioning of all sorts of brands, and all is based on " agreement of Home E beautiful " on the product.

Pass short message treasure, the user can make water heater shifts to an earlier date warm-up, air conditioning opens machine refrigeration, when can watching a program without time, wonderful program quarter collection comes down. Treasure of sea Er short message provides comfortable and satisfied life for fashionable personage. With treasure of sea Er short message, make your life more extraordinary.
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