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Explore battalion intelligence lives in home appliance to sell a 140 stage TV to
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140 TV are placed into glass of office of remote control of pushbutton of flat TV wall one-way and pervious to light or transparent -- ,

From the low before a few months skill contest gets site of home of Ma Dian appropriate to begin, huang Guangyu is gigantic endowment make " after wanting to be revealed ahead of schedule 10 years, home appliance sells an about " roc embellish electric equipment is wrapping around all the time mysterious veil. Do not cross the drawing near as date of practice of end of this month, roc embellish electric equipment also begins to open veil gradually, the reporter took the lead in yesterday explore battalion still sell this in the new-style home appliance in final decorate.

■ between intelligent example " lid " into sell

Sell the product of field to display with traditional home appliance different, what roc embellish electric equipment pays attention to more is home appliance " whole set solution " . For this, roc embellish specially is selling the model that 5 different types built in field, reaching three-room flat is to make the same score a villa to include entirely even, and a few clapboard just are not used between these example simple and easy surround the space that give, however between all wool and a yard wide example, from enter a door, condole to carry complete set furniture and electric equipment everything needed is ready on the head, even the ground also has floor, carpet to wait according to different class shop.

As we have learned, the total cost that indoor display reachs between these a few example of roc embellish is as high as 6 million yuan, among them a medium Austria between villatic example installs strange droplight of Shi Hualuo world to pass with respect to value formerly 1 million. Liu Fei of standing vise general manager shows roc embellish electric equipment, they exceeded their home even to the elaborate level of the design is being decorated between these example, because they hope through can be opposite between example the household of consumer is decorated,inspire somewhat, is to market electric equipment not just. Nevertheless the reporter notices, the medium electric equipment between these example is not is Yue Guiyue good, however the basis is different door model the commodity that arranged different class is revealed, further than if one-room flat is medium,deploying class under villa.

■ intelligent household experiences future lives

Between these example of roc embellish in still appeared on global mainstream brand to live in system of the control central in home first. These control system some can achieve the linkage of a variety of electric equipment in the home, what for instance TV switch and lamplight light and shade, curtain closes is mutual cooperate; While bedroom of the implementation before some can sleep in the late evening blacks out, still be opposite a closes entirely operation that the door has falling locking up examination and other bedroom lamplight; Even the switch that some control systems still can realize person outdoors to be able to control the window in the home. As we have learned, these seeing be like magical central control system to also be not actually is a within sight but beyond reach, these systems also suit different class family to use according to the function, among them the cheapest simple control system is controlled in 10 thousand yuan only, and high-grade system criterion cost is as high as tens of 10 thousand yuan.
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