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Home appliance designs with each passing day human nature changes: The price of
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Need not bow the platen washing machine that next crouching, without electrical wiring " pester " cleaner, intelligence cooks the electric meal Bao of Bao congee, still have the electric fan that takes wireless remote control... these are more and more convenience, more and more the home appliance product that human nature turns, already each ground goes from the blueprint of stylist, walk into the daily life of common people. And consumer is these " convenience " pays price also is less and less, because most human nature changes the value of home appliance,going low gradually.

As we have learned, in the trend that home appliance product points human nature to change a design, there is no lack of of numerous and well-known trademark again and again movement. Loosened a few days ago for example a when next electric equipment release platen washing machine that uses oblique plane design, not only can pass inside the angle that buy platen tilts will realize what section water and catchment of anhydrous pump nature bring to reduce noise, when still can avoiding to use traditional platen washing machine at the same time, must bow next crouching take put the action such as clothings, make wash clothes thereby the process is more easy. Meanwhile, the product of a few home appliance that the well-known trademark such as riverside of Yilaikesi, flying benefit rolls out, laid the view likewise " human nature is changed " concept. For example a kind of wireless cleaner, because use the pattern that accumulator charges, because this can make an user complete when sweeping a room,cast off electrical wiring " pester " . And design of this kind of cleaner is original, modelling is chic, put the corner that is in a room in, can become a handicraft that decorates a family even. In addition, the Bao of intelligent report meal that still a few well-known trademarks are rolled out, water fanner of freezer, remote control, waterproof razor is waited a moment, it is from consumer the demand with daily the realest life sets out, highlight adequately on function, exterior, tectonic design " human nature is changed " concept. Occupy partial manufacturer additionally to divulge, this kind of fixed position is relative " high end " product, the value previously is overt on the high side, but the ceaseless development as the technology and the crop promotion that consumptive demand growth brings, these " comfortable model " the price of home appliance also is going gradually low.

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