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Exploration number machine carries the secret of the box on the head
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Digital TV can say is the application of another killer class besides the mobile phone, it is core with the sitting room, ceaselessly the other seeing and hearing in integrated family and IT equipment, the domestic network that forms multivariate applying; Not only such, digital TV and mobile phone also face towards integrated way develops, mobile TV (Mobile TV) already was in of like a raging fire of global each district drive in the center. When telecast system and network, it is mobile communication system even when union, the service nature strike that includes video, speech and data is multivariate the trend of converge, this is a more independent than in the past type complex a lot of application environments, and digital machine carries a box on the head (Set-top-box; STB) the core position that is located in this framework, the design challenge that its face is really onerous.

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What send conduit according to the TV program is different, digital STB can divide territory of amount to word again (Terrestrial) satellite of STB, number (Satellite) STB, number is wired (Cable) STB, and carry a network (XDSL, Cable Modem, fiber-optic) the type such as IP STB. whole, the front of technical main shaft of digital STB supports HDTV (High Definition TV) reach interactive sex (Interactive) development, but different section of the market piece the lay particular stress on that still its technology and application go up. Change fixed position to achieve the difference of the product, the digital videocorder that joins hard disk (DVR) the domestic network gateway that reachs function of integrated family network (Residential Gateway; RG) , also be the important design direction of digital STB.

Systematic framework
STB of a number is by soft, hardware place is comprised, can divide in the main unit of hardware respect to receive broadcast signal, change its amount to word to transmit string of front that flow (Front-end; FE) chip, namely tuner (Tuner) change with tone / demodulation changes implement (Modulator/demodulator) ; Back end chip includes TV decoder / coder (NTSC/PAL Decoder/encoder) , DAC of DAC of processor of chip of MPEG-2 Transport, MPEG-2 MP@ML or HL decoder, microprocessor, plot, frequency, frequency, video; And component of disperse of standard of etc of component of the memory such as DRAM/SDRAM, Flash, power source. More high-end product returns can integrated safe chip, modem (Modem) or domestic network chip, and but the hard disk of kinescope (HDD) . The block diagram of STB decipher chip that issues a graph to be supportive DVR function.

Have the STB decoder block diagram of DVR function

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