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Luck bright roll out product of new-style and sagacious series
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Intelligent lighting system is the fundamental part that whole intelligence lives in, it makes our life becomes more convenient, comfortable. Network switch and system of wireless remote control formed intelligent lighting system jointly. Luck bright what the human nature of product of new-style and sagacious series changes a design to make intelligent lighting system runs is more more practical, applicable. It not only preserved the original switch, product such as the remote controller, still increased muti_function the product such as remote controller, timer, make systematic function more perfect.
Luck bright the network of switch of before switch of network of new-style and sagacious series continued two acting networks controls functional design, the function is more powerful. The user can use all sorts of means to combine different control pattern to realize control function. Luck bright flowery and inviting, design provides switch of newest sagacious series network alone characteristic. Use unique structural design, extraordinary; Double frame is designed, complementary change with casing of much colorific inside and outside, the user can combine colour of a few kinds of switch arbitrarily tie-in plan, with supplement of profusion of metope of of all kinds, make you free create distinctive ego vacuum, expressional individuation is savoured. Indicator light of downy bias light compensation revealed luck bright human nature changes design concept, make switch more show novel and sweet, beautiful, chic, more convenient use. The design that human nature changes makes switch board face clear, concise, the particular function that change key makes an user OK according to the particular case in him home, free land chooses suitable key-press combination. Coordinate remote control operation, kiss can change neatly namely a different lamplight setting.
New-style remote controller can control series of lucky Lang Ruizhi an all medium illume, curtainWith electric equipment. Be in the which room in the home no matter, the remote controller in using a hand can realize the operation control that you want to do by gently. New-style remote controller has sagacious series blue bias light compensation, more convenient use in the evening. New-style remote controller has a standard-sized sheet to close completely. Can move light to incandescent lamp. Address encode can be defined freely. Have a password to add close function, the setting is convenient and simple.

Sagacious series is muti_function remote controller collect a variety of remote control functions at a suit. Above all it not only it is wireless remote controller, emissive X10 signal, can control a medium lighting system, the curtain outside using electric equipment, at the same time it also is infra-red remote controller, can control the device such as TV, air conditioning, acoustics. Inside buy infrared study controls a function, can control the TV of numerous brand, acoustics, VCD need infra-red pilot electric home appliances
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