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Intelligence lives in the introduction [group plan] (4)
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4, intelligence lives in example
The home of 4.1 [IN(Intelligent) ] Hong Kong exhibition

[The home of IN] Hong Kong exhibition costs 40 million HK dollar in September 2001 build and into, showed science and technology of household of newest building technology, intelligence, environmental protection adequately. It by INTEGER Intelligent&Green is initiated, it is an Asia the first [the domestic] of IN.

[The home of IN] conception traceable England. 1996, expert of a flock of England architect, message, building expert and environmental protection learn a decision to pursue a plan, when design and building house, use environmental protection and intelligent science and technology. In September 1999, first application " the home of IN " the house Yuan Zaiwei that the principle builds is special the thorough of county hopes Er completion. After two years, be in complete England 6 areas already more than 60 houses since build and multilayer apartment.

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[The home of IN] intelligence lives in a characteristic

1 bioassay system

Extend the bioassay system of house furnish, will newest bioassay technology applies on system of residential security personnel, use appearance and eye iris serve as differentiate feature, need not use the key, on the safe side.

The system serves in the center of 2 intelligence

Whole exhibit a house to be joined by system of center of a tall intelligence, form a giant network. This system but the temperature inside effective monitoring residence and empty temperamental element, build more comfortable surroundings, save the sources of energy greatly.

Use an advanced technique, at specific area space, the increase and decrease that presses use number will offer air adjustment ﹔

Edifice management system is received amount to a whole world, once the problem appears, can know business of motion of meeting edifice battalion and maintenance expert ﹔ in real time

3 household network controls a system

[The home of IN] network and control system use SamSung (the HomeVITA solution of Samsung) company, wait for power wire news report, IEEE1394, wireless LAN all sorts of technology all close. Use mobile phone, PDA, PC but the place that at any offerring Internet accepts refute, at any time the circumstance of the equipment in monitoring home.

Product of all household electrical appliance, ammeter, illume and temperature equipment, computer reachs a connection the network ﹔ of recreational establishment

The home of a standardization resides network switch, afore-mentioned systems become confluence the data on Internet sheds ﹔
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